Til forsiden
H.E. The Countess Alexandra Christina of Frederiksborg

Countess Alexandra Christina of Frederiksborg was born in Hong Kong on 30 June 1964. The Countess is the eldest daughter of director Richard Nigel Manley (Grand Cross) (born in Shanghai in 1924) and Christa Maria Manley (born Nowotny in Austria in 1933).

Marital Status

On 18 November 1995, HRH Prince Joachim married Miss Alexandra Christina Manley, who in connection with the marriage became HRH Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

On 8 April 2005, Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra divorced after a period of 6 months legal separation.

Divider Grevinden
On 3 March 2007 Princess Alexandra married Martin Jørgensen and became Countess Alexandra Christina of Frederiksborg.


HH Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik, born on 28 August 1999 and HH Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian, born on 22 July 2002. After the divorce, Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra have joint custody of the Princes.

Christening and Confirmation

Countess Alexandra was christened in Saint John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong. In Denmark the Countess, who originally belonged to the Anglican Church, has received instruction in the Lutheran Faith and was confirmed prior to the wedding in 1995.


Countess Alexandra attended Quarry Bay Junior School in the years 1969-1971, Glenealy Junior School 1971-1974 and Island School 1974-1982, all in Hong Kong. After having finalised general schooling, the Countess studied at Wirtschaftsuniversitat in Vienna from 1983-1984. In the years 1984-1986, the Countess was a student in Tokyo. In 1989-1990, the Countess studied in London.

Business Background

Countess Alexandra has a business background in the financial world. During the period 1986-1989, the Countess worked as a stockbroker first at Citibank, Hong Kong and subsequently for Jardine Fleming, Hong Kong. From 1990-1995, the Countess was employed by GT Management (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong, where the Countess from 1990-1993 worked in Sales and Marketing and from 1993 as a deputy chief executive until the Countess took up residence in Denmark.


Countess Alexandra’s native language is English, but the Countess learned Danish very swiftly after having moved to Denmark.In addition, the Countess speaks German and French.


Countess Alexandra resides at Østerbro in Copenhagen.